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Kung Fu 20 pack Movies

Price: $14.95
Availability: ships out 1-2 business days
Prod. Code: MV-MA-DSMV50385

  • Get an instant library of some of the greatest King Fu classics.
  • These are all the original movies in there entire full length features, with the original actors.
  • 6 double-sided DVDs
  • From legendary fithters such as Dorian Tan, Bruce Li and Sonny Chiba.  The Kung Fu 20-Movie Pack has something for everyone.
  • Never has such a collection of great Kung Fu features been assembled in one exciting package -- all for an amazingly low price!

Movie Pack Contents

  1. Return of the Kung Fu Dragon - Sun-Kuan Rin-Feng
  2. Ninja Empire - Jeff Houston
  3. Ninja Death 1 - Lo Yiu
  4. Deadly Duo - Carter Wong
  5. Ninja: The Protector - Richard Harrison
  6. Hands of Death - Roc Tien
  7. Weapons of Death - Eirc Lee
  8. Ninja Champion - Bruce Baron
  9. Four Robbers - Shek Hon
  10. Shaolin Temple - Shu Feng
  11. Image of Bruce Lee - Bruce Li
  12. The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane - Carter Wong
  13. Shaolin Deadly Kicks - Dorian Tan
  14. Chase Step by Step - Chee Kung
  15. Bruce Lee the Invincible - Bruce Li
  16. The Big Fight - Roc Tien
  17. The Street Fighter - Sonny Chiba
  18. Death Machines - Ron Marchini
  19. Infernal Street - Yiu Tin-Lung
  20. Shadow Ninja - Steve Tung Wai

Parental guidance suggested.





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